"Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe."
HG Wells

Welcome to the website of the Task Force on Higher Education and Society. The Task Force was convened by the World Bank and UNESCO and spent 18 months exploring the state of higher education in developing countries.

The Task Force's report, Higher Education and Developing Countries: Peril and Promise was launched on March 1st 2000 at the World Bank in Washington. On this site, you can read and download the full report, and access news on the report's launch. (French and Spanish summaries are available in the download area)

Your feedback is welcome. You can also register for news of future events and programs from the feedback page.


> Read The Times Higher Education Supplement, "We must make effort to level playing field", 22 March 2002. By Henry Rosovsky, David Bloom and David Steven.

> Read about the British Council/DFID/TFHE/World Bank International Seminar on follow-up to the Task Force's work.





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